3BF - Three bags full

Three's a lucky number with 3BF.

Barneys been playing guitar since the early 18th century. It all started when he was sixteen with his medieval band Dr Frank & the Thinline Groovers. After a few years in london, where barney found work as a sesson guitarist playing on numerous successful albums and performing at top venues, he moved back to devon and formed a new band, Daddy Mango who enjoyed much success around the South West. After the split of the mango barney went travelling around Europe with his wife Angie busking and gigging in various cities before returning home to Devon to start a family and form his current band 3BF. Barney also runs Ocean Recording Studios in Paignton where he hopes to help develop and promote local artists.

Dean was born inside a Djembe Drum in Devon. from there he grew in to one of the finest rhythm maestros in the land. By the age of 7 he had already turned down a request from Metalica to go on a world tour as their drummer. Numerous other requests for Deans extraordinary talent poured in over the following years and he found himself playing with all sorts of bands across the South West learning his trade and perfecting his art. In 2001 he met Barney in Brixham and formed the band Daddy Mango which, after years of local success, led to their current project, 3BF. Dean also loves his dog, Frodo.

Angie has been playing bass since 2003. She got bored of coming to see the band, so thought she might learn an instrument herself. Within three and a half minutes of picking up the bass she realised she was a natural and embarked on her new career. Angie has played bass with several different outfits across the South West and currently (2013) makes appearances with 3BF and the Alex Hart project.

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